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The Gandelow Restaurant on the quays.

The Gandelow Restaurant is located on the left of Clohessys Bar main entrance.

History of the Gandelow

A Shannon Estuary Fishing Boat. Josh Mc Inerney was harbour shipwright at Limerick Docks from 1913 to 1950, his work was to build and maintain a number of Gandelows. The Gandelow proved it worth beacause of the mudflats on the southern side of the Quays Island. The origin of the Gandelow both name and design, remains a subject for speculation. These boats were unrivalled for lightness, strenght, and comparative cheapness. Inthe early years of the twentieth century wooden boatbuilding began to die out. Change was also in store for the traditional Gandelow in the Limerick area. Accordingly the 18foot boat became the norm and the 23foot Gandelow, which had been for so long a part of the Estuary fishing scene, soon became a Legend!

To make a reservation or for any enquiries please call
Ph: 061-513691